A nimble little SASS powered kick starter for modern RWD web builds.

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I am unhappy.

Current frameworks don't teach people anything much about web development, so over the last few months I have published an eight part guide to assembling your own SASS framework that works the way you do.

This kickstarter is the result of that series.

It's time we started to think.

Quickstart Geekstart

MIDAS was built with CodeKit but any tool capable of parsing SASS like Compass or Prepos should work nicely. Just download it and off you go.

If you want to know more about the way it works, read the series.

If you are using MIDAS in this way you can safely ignore or delete package.json and gulpfile.js from your project.

Alternatively you can use Gulp to handle the compiling (and a lot of other stuff like image compression and JS concatination).

Install Node.

Next pull up a terminal and cd into your MIDAS folder. Run the following:

npm install --save-dev

Then simply run:


Midas will auto compile and reload browsers when you save SASS & JS files.


MIDAS uses SASS to turbo charge development through the use of mixins and variables that allow you to quickly set up common elements like typography and grid columns very quickly.


It's a small detail but a lot of RWD sites forget to make the typography adapt to screen size. MIDAS does not make that mistake. It scales text based on the perfect fourth ratio and is configurable via variables.


Built around the profound grid system, MIDAS makes it dead easy to build responsive sites with as many columns and break points as you fancy.